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Service Commitment
Dehua Rail (Xi 'an) Electric Co., Ltd. always adheres to the quality policy of “Scientific and Rigorous, Quality and Efficient, Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement”. 
In line with the principle of customer first and service paramount, we not only provide customers products with good quality, performance and long life, but also provide a wide range of services according to the different situations and requirements of our customers, including on-site training, on-site installation supervision, factory technical training, on-site maintenance services, etc.

After-sales service please contact us:
After-sales Service tel: 029-68590530     Fax: 029-68590529

Our solemnly promises:

1. Earnestly implement the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, resolutely resist and deal severely with any deviation from the quality policy;
2. For the service matters proposed by customers, we will give a reply and deal with the problem within 24 hours if it’s in the Xi’an city, within 48 hours if it’s in the Shaanxi province and within 72 hours outside the province;
3. We will be responsible for the product to the end, and provide lifelong service.

Project Manager of North China Area: Manager Sun 18691886562
Project Manager of East China Area: Manager Zhang 18691886561
Project Manager of South China Area: Manager Xu 18691876031
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